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Reaction crystallization refers to the chemical reaction between a gas and a liquid or liquid or liquid to produce insoluble or insoluble solid matter. Reactive crystallization can make some easily precipitated substances separate from other compounds, so as to achieve the purpose of purification. The reaction crystallization process is characterized by high selectivity and is often used in the separation and purification of products.

普通结晶罐自动化程度低,两相或多相物料混合,为了达到好的混合效果,搅拌强烈,容易产生大量细晶,当细晶小于1μm 时,细晶会有团聚现象,即范得华力会起作用。因此产品粒度分布过宽,粘度变大,洗涤量增加,离心后晶间包裹的残液量相对增大,导致产品纯度低,另外操作靠经验和简单的指标控制,不同班次工人操作有差异。靠车间管理难解决问题,导致产品批间差异大,粒度分布不均匀,产品质量不稳定;从综合成本考虑,间歇操作繁琐,动力消耗高,不适合批量产品的生产。
Several factors affecting reactive crystallization: degree of saturation, temperature, mixing uniformity, agitation strength, and material purity. The ordinary crystallization tank is low in automation, and when the two phase or multiphase materials are mixed, In order to achieve good mixing effect, the stirring process can be strong and easily producing a lot of fine grains. When the fine grain is less than 1 m, the fine grain will reunion, the Van der Waals force will come into effect. Therefore, when the product size distribution is too wide, the viscosity becomes larger, the washing capacity increases, and the residual liquid content between the crystals increases relatively after centrifugation, the low purity of the product will be caused. In addition, the operation is controlled by experience and simple indicators, and there are differences in the operation of workers in different shifts. The difficulty to solve problems by workshop management results in large differences among the products, uneven distribution of grain size, and unstable quality of products. Considering the comprehensive cost, the intermittent operation is tedious, the power consumption is high, and it is not suitable for the production of mass products.
The reaction crystallization equipment can completely solve the above problems, and the product quality has reached the foreign advanced standards.  The reaction crystallization is a complex process of heat and mass transfer. In different physical and chemical environments, the control steps of the crystallization process may change and reflect different behaviors. Especially for the pharmaceutical crystallization products. They have strict requirements on the crystal type, and also on the particle size distribution of the products, which directly affects the quality of drugs.
ND Crystallizer: easy to control the internal temperature, pH value of solution; simple structure, low energy consumption, uniform distribution of crystals; can produce high-purity large crystal grains based on indications; easy to filter; a great improvement to product quality.

The inner wall and draft tubes of ND Crystallizers are polished to reduce wall scars.
equipped with crystal elimination device; The upper micro crystal enters the fine crystal eliminator and then becomes supersaturated solution, continues to crystallize.
The lower part of the crystallizer is provided with a panning leg, which is beneficial to the extraction of the larger crystals.
If necessary, the crystal seed feeder can be added to further improve the particle size distribution
we can adjust the reaction crystallization temperature according to the optimum reaction rate
Operating voltage: 380V; working time: 24h/d
Automatic control part: according to the design requirements of the automatic control part, the system can achieve the following goals:
The technical parameters of each controller ensure the requirements of the process, and can automatically monitor and control the crystal temperature and other indicators. The pump adopts frequency conversion control, and the feed and discharge operations can be automatically controlled;
The field executing organization has the system information uploading interface, and can access the DCS system.