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熔融结晶器(静态/动态降膜式)/Melt crystallizer(Static / dynamic falling film type)
Melting crystallizer has not been widely used in China at present, so there is no more engineering experience for reference. Therefore, our design of melt crystallizer is based on the melt crystallization process of the Crystallization Process Research Institute of Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Please click on the melt crystallization industrial application statistics, or the website of crystallization technology blog to obtain the relevant melt crystallization process development and equipment information.

应用范围/Applied Range
Melt crystallizer is widely used in the production of chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and high purity crystal products of biochemical products.

产品分类/Product Classification
It can be divided into two types: high-efficiency static melt crystallizer and dynamic tower falling film melting crystallizer

carbon steel, stainless steel and special metal materials.

① 实用性强,针对不同的工艺要求选用不同类型的设备。
strong practicability, and different types of equipments are selected according to different technological requirements
② 投资费用低,价格仅为国外同类价格的1/5-1/10;国内价格的1/2-1/6。
Low investment cost, the price is only 1/5-1/10 of the same price abroad; 1/2-1/6 of the domestic price
③ 操作弹性大,可自动控制也可手动操作。
Operation flexibility, automatic control and manual operation are both ok.
④ 设备紧凑、合理。
compact and reasonable
⑤ 实际应用效果好,结晶损耗低。
good application effect and low crystallization loss
⑥ 应用熔融结晶工艺可以使有些复杂的工艺变得尤其简单。
Some complex processes become especially simple

The structure of the mold is a little more complicated than that of the distillation column. It needs Sweating, washing, etc. The process is complex and difficult to be continuous.
Compared with other heat separation units, melt crystallizer has the following advantages:
High selectivity, low energy consumption, low operating temperature, no solvent, no waste liquid, no gas phase. Compared with distillation, it has many advantages, such as low operating temperature and small energy consumption. Besides, Waste heat from other operating units in the plant can be utilized. Because most of the organic compounds’ melting point is in the range of the waste heat in the factory.
Compared with solution crystallization, melt crystallization avoids the post treatment process of the solvent without adding new solvent, and this advantage can often compensate for other shortcomings of the melt crystallization.
Melt crystallizer deals with liquid substance, which requires a small size and a small amount of equipment, therefore needs less investment. However, if melting crystallization takes longer residence time, then this advantage is not obvious. During crystallization, no gas is produced, and leakage is easy to control. Moreover, the whole equipment can be closed and is more conducive to environmental safety. Molten crystallization does not require the addition of any substance, so no waste liquid or other chemical substance (solvent) is produced. The cost of solvent recovery often accounts for most of the cost of the crystallization process. For the non solid solution type system, the crystallization process has high selectivity and high product purity.